We aim to meet the needs of Denizli textile SMEs, which have mostly shaped their production on home textiles and apparel, in their transformation journeys to involve in the production of technical textiles as well with high added value, to enter new markets and to make more than their existing competitive. In our project, which we have formed with this specific objective, while building capacity in the field of technical textiles, we have evaluated the possible needs of SMEs in detail and planned to increase their competitiveness via clustering by offering them updated solutions.

As “Denizli Technical Textiles Centre” we are together with textile SMEs and entrepreneurs, whenever they decide to transform to technical textile production using their existing knowledge, skills, and market experience.

Denizli Technical Textiles Centre, which we aim to be the first address that SMEs can apply to meet their consultancy, training and technology needs in their journey transformation to technical textiles, has an infrastructure that can offer prototyping and sample production opportunities with the latest machines.

Moreover, SMEs will strengthen and improve their position in global competition by benefiting from the advantages offered by the centre with common-use area and with training and consultancy services on subjects such as “access to international markets”, “sales and marketing”, “institutionalization”, “access to financial resources”, etc.

Denizli Technical Textile Centre was established within the body of Denizli EU Business Development Centre (Denizli ABIGEM), an affiliate of the Denizli Chamber of Commerce, on an area of approximately 1,000 m2 allocated by Denizli Organized Industrial Zone.

The centre supports all kinds of initiatives for the transformation of SMEs and entrepreneurs into technical textiles.



Coating and Lamination Line

Atmospheric & Low Pressure Plasma


Ultrasonic Sewing

Spinning Line

Digital Printing

Supercritical Dyeing